Sky Rush Zone is a zone from Sonic Infinity


The stage has Sonic zoom through the sky, constantly trying to keep afloat and not fall. There are some crumbling platforms (some moving) that he must hop on, and bigger versions of those bouncy clouds from Sky Sanctuary.

He can also homing attack enemies, bounce off of springs, etc.

He must also dodge Eggman's missles. (They're fast).

Egg ShipsEdit

Sonic will eventually encountrer 3 of Eggman's ships. He must destroy enemies and destroy the core and then jump out. Once destroyed, the ships will send out a desperation robot to chase Sonic. Sonic must avoid all of the missles and lazers, and it will eventually explode just like in Sonic Unleashed. The whole sequence isn't like in Sonic Unleashed, but it's similar enough.


  • Since this mission is in the sky and the ships have celings, the tornado won't really have an effect.