Sonic Infinity is a game where you can play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, E-199 Chaos, and Rouge. It takes place in multiple parts of the world in the present. Eggman plans to use his robots to take over the world like in the classic games, but with far improved technology.


Sonic's gameplay is like it was in  Sanic Adventure 2.

New additions to his moveset include:

Boost Homing Attack jumpdash: Rolls up in place like the box kick move from Sanic Calars, and homing attacks multiple enemies at an extremely rapid place (faster than lazer wisp).

Tornsado: Sonic charges up a really rapid spin, then launches a tornsado.

Sonic can run in it and be launched up.

You can also bounce it off of a wall for the same effect.

Sonic also has some dodge/feiknt technique mechanics.

He has a few very quick combos.

Sonic Boom MissionsEdit

They're like the mach speed sections. It's where Sonic has boost. (Boost is also unlockable).


Normal He can fly, spin his tails to attack enemies, and spin dash.


Can transform into mech to play like in SA2.

Goes fast, shoots misssles.

He's mostly in normal mode, but a few with Tornado.


Can glide, climb walls, dig, and rapidly fall to the ground like in SA2.


Has multiple punch combos like werehog, but much faster and smaller (not much smaller).

Has a glide attack like in Brawl.


Shadow's gameplay is similar to his gameplay in Sonic Adventure 2, with guns incorporated.

When he drifts, he just leans over and doesn't roll into a ball. Since he's already slowed down, there will be no lag when using guns while drifting.

New additions to his moveset:

A grappling hook for reaching long distances and recovering. You can also get to higher up extra paths.

He can charge Chaos Spear and release it when he wants.

Hover shoes. Can glide like Knuckles, no landing lag at all.

E-199 ChaosEdit

Goes super fast, has chargable shots, can spin his arms around, and fly.

Also has a boost mode.


Can fly (even upwards), can call in technology, has some weaker combos and grab moves with no lag between grabbing and combos.


Grappling hook.


Stealth missionsEdit

There are a few missions once she get's her suit where she has to break in to places and go undetected to find some stuff (like Chaos Emeralds).