Trans-Segway Zone is a zone from Sonic Infinity, where the stage theme changes multiple times throughout the level, getting progresively more difficult. The stage is playable from Sonic's side of the story.

First TransformationEdit

The first transformation is like a normal robotic stage, with robots and a couple of lazers in place. Some playforming aswell, and traps.

Second TransformationEdit

The second transformation is an abandoned underground city similar to Atlantis but abandoned. A missile shoots the shield, and Sonic has to escape by running up swirling paths, going across zip-lines, and also gets chased by some robots. Along the way, he will encounter some enemies and crumbling platforms, ending with an automated running sequence to escape out to the ocean, where he gets into a submarine.

Third TransformationEdit

Sonic falls out of the submarine and lands in some underground tunnell system/dungeon. He has to quick-step to avoid trains, and redirects one to crash into a wall where he then goes down a dungeon, dodging trap-doors, facing enemies with swords, and occasionally solving some puzzles. He even has a quick-sand trap at the end where he goes out to the desert. He then runs down the pyramid, and runs until the stage turns into the boss room.


Sonic encounters some planes soaring around him, and has to run through the inside of a ship fast enough, and find Eggman in the center, in his mech that can now move faster, and flip over like the Bat-Pod. At the end he summons a speedy tank with multiple places to fire from. Sonic must homing attack them back at Eggman enough times for them to explode. Then he must dodge 5 mini-tanks helping him, and homing attack the tank afterwards until it's barely functional. It then cuts to a scene where Eggman crashes into a wall and Sonic gets out of the zone.